Skin Cancer: Spot It, Stop It

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Yes, Skin cancer can be spotted. Skin Cancer is the most common cancers of all, which can be easily detected and treated. For a fast cure, it should be detected at an early stage, but if treatment is not given at the right time it can cause abnormalities.

Skin cancer is of three types and each has different exterior, they are melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. Each of these cancers has different early symptoms and hence, it is important to notice any kind of change in the skin.

The skin cancer is painless but can be precarious at the same time. Any change in the skin color or any newly developed spot on the skin should not be ignored. Any developments in skin color or pattern which are not peculiar should be notified to a skin specialist.

Symptoms of Skin Cancer: Spot It, Stop It

Here are some symptoms which can help identify skin cancer at early stage:

  • Normally people do have some kind of birthmark, beauty mark or mole on their skin. If these marks change color, then it is a concern.
  • The visible marks on the skin like beauty marks or birthmarks should not increase in dimensions or thickness.
  • The marks on the skin should not change its feel and consistency.
  • Also the marks should not get an uncommon outline.
  • An un-healed sore or skin patch that bleeds prolong, or if it hurts, erodes or itches, then it is a matter of concern and needs immediate attention.
  • A skin patch which is of a different color like black, pearly, multi-colored or translucent.
  • A patch which is bigger than a size of pencil eraser.
  • A bleeding spot which do not get repaired in three weeks.

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There is a visibility of such spots in people who are of 21 years and more. Skin pigmentation which is normally found in pregnant women is not a form of skin cancer. If anyone identifies these symptoms, they should consult a skin specialist on an urgent basis. There are some precautionary measures which can prevent growth of the cancer mark. Melanoma Cancers are related with ultra-violet radiations, it happens when the skin comes in contact with ultra-violet rays from the sun.

Skin should be protected by application of sun screen creams or lotions with an SPF 15 or more as per the Skin Cancer Foundation. To avoid skin cancer, children should be educated about taking care of their skin from an early age; as a result they learn to take care of their skin from teens.

Skin cancer detected at an early stage gets cured early and easily and hence to detect it, a regular skin examination is required. Many doctors conduct a full body examination once a month to check existing moles, spots are behaving normal.

Lots of information is available on the internet and it is essential to create awareness about it. Rather than hiding any kind of abnormality you observe, it is essential to consult doctor as soon as possible.

Source: Skin Cancer Diagnosis

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