About Us

Batra Hospital- Skin lesser & ENT Centre

Who we are?

Batra Hospital (Shri Ganga Nursing Home), was established in 1974 with a mission to serve the community with utmost zeal and compassion. Since its foundation, we have been very committed to setting clinical perfection with safe, high-quality, tender care for our patients in Fatehabad and surrounding areas.

Our values

Our enthusiasm nicely reflects in the fact that we put the state-of-the-art norms when it comes to cure, care & comfort. In fact, we have been acknowledged for accomplishing just that, across a wide array of pursuits, by India’s leading medico-critics and organizations, our Wall Of Fame triumphs with such awards and accolades.

Our Vision

Batra Hospital is so far more than just a hospital. We vow humane care, personal supervision and uncompromising standards to our patients. Quality healing, service excellence, and compassion are the pillars of this hospital. In Batra Hospital, it's our level of devotion and attentiveness for specializing in all that we do, which actually sets us apart and makes us the most preferred ENT and Skin Care Center for thousands of individuals.

We are medical institution with rich history

Batra Hospital is the only health care centre in Fatehabad that addresses pediatric ENT issues. Our range of management ranges from common ENT problems to more complicated situations like breathing problems, drooling in children, snoring and sleep apnoea, and irregular neck swellings.